Sentio is a Latin word that means "experienced" or "one who has a solid feeling or perception".  This word reflects the knowledge and experience that the Sentio Executives team is dedicated to delivering to you and your business.  We offer an array of products and services including our unique Solution Strategist Navigator program and Executive Surrogate program.  Each designed to work with you to find and solve the pain points and challenges associated with business ownership.

Sentio Executives, LLC was born out of a simple philosophy:  Business owners and entrepreneurs are our most valuable asset and we need to do everything we can to ensure the ongoing success of each and every business owner.  We are passionate about this philosophy and we take it to heart when we see a business struggle or close.

Our trusted advisors have walked in your shoes and understand the difficulties and joys that owning a business can bring.  But in today’s tough economic times, you can’t be a lone ranger.  We are dedicated to meeting with you, hearing about your struggles and joys and then assisting you in any way that makes your business more successful.   We operate on finding your pain points and then work with you to solve them.  We don’t try to sell you anything or try to get you into some long-term “deal”.

One of our Solutions Strategists would consider it a privilege to meet with you over a cup of coffee and just find out about you and your business.   Feel free to contact us through this website or by calling (402) 835-0555.  We would love to hear from you.

Through collaboration, experience and trust, Sentio Executive’s mission is to simply provide business owners with practical and successful solutions that improve the overall prosperity of their business.